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Let us introduce ourselves.

We are passionate for home grown made in the US produce with a local business mindset.

canned to perfection

We owe the quality of our pickles to Charlie Sr. and Deb. They ensure on a daily basis that each jar of pickles is canned to perfection. They have successfully completed the requirements to be NC Certified for Canning and work diligently to implement their knowledge to the rest of their staff

local businesses

They work alongside many retired men and women whom they have met through their local church. During the summer months they offer college students the amazing opportunity of summer employment. They believe our future generations depend on local businesses.

Farming is a part of Jim’s DNA

Old Man Jim is responsible for some of the concoctions and seasonings we are working on. Farming is a part of Jim’s DNA. He knows the ins and outs of what makes a pickle the best there is. He is always excited to share with us his newest recipe.

You want pickles?

Charlie Jr. is the driving force of sales for Stamey’s. You want pickles? Charlie Jr. is the man for the job. He will ship, deliver, knock on your door, whatever it takes for you to be able to enjoy these pickles. He will not stop until every farmer’s market, produce vendor, grocery store has had the opportunity of sampling these pickles to ensure everyone can enjoy them! 

We are Stamey’s Salty Dill Pickles